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Thank you Jesse, our Pointer seems to be happier since she started walking with you.  I trust you with our dog, makes me feel good to know she is walking with Mozart's Doggie Service, and she is safe.  This is her time to run and play, walk and get some energy out. For a good long nap. 

Thank you Mozart's Doggie Service for taking good care of our pets. I know they are in good hands with you.  I can go on vacation more often now, knowing I have someone I can trust to care for my two pets.  I can enjoy my vacations with no stress.  I will be using your service again very soon. Yeah! More vacations for me. Our Labrador Retreiver loves his walks, and swimming in the pool.  Our percious little Chihuahua Maggie is loving her walks and play time.

COMMENTS from Anne Grabowski
Thank you Jesse and Rita for taking good care of our Maggie. We loved her dearly and she will be truly missed. Our hearts are very sad and it will take some time to get over her lose. Bear will be waiting for his visits and walks, he loves them.  

Thanks Mozart's Doggie Service, for coming in at a short notice to check on my two dogs.  I know they are in good hands.  Also, thank you for sending me a picture and text letting me see my dogs are doing well.  I really appreciate the time you spent caring for my two Jack Russell terriers.  I can see they were in good hands and in good health, while I was away.  It makes it easier to do my job as a forestry fire figther.  Thanks again.
We want to thank Mozart's Doggie Service for the great job they do. Our Cocker Spaniel is very excited every morning, waiting to go on her daily walk.   She seems much more happy since she has a walk everyday.  Love to see her happy.  Pucchi, is very special to us. Her owner is now a very good friend and we enjoy seeing them both.  We have enjoyed our visits with Pucchi and her owner Ralph, who we consider as a good friend. Thanks Ralph for all your support and kindness. 

Comments from Ralph: Thank you Jesse for being there when Pucchi  and I needed you the most. Pucchi was a wonderful friend, champion, a sweet girl.
​She will be missed, she is an angel in Heaven now. Rest in peace Pucchi.

Mozart's Doggie Service.  It is our pleasure to serve our clients with the best service available. 
Thank you Mozart's Doggie Service for your help with my three dogs.  I appreciate the fact that you called me to let me know how my dogs were doing. It made my trip away less stressful, knowing the dogs were in good hands.

We are very happy to know that Mozart's Doggie Service is in our area.  Thanks for taking our two Huskies on a daily walk. They seem to be happy and calmer when they return home.  They really love there walks.  Also, the walk for our black lab every other day.
​Comments from: Clay and Amy T.

Thanks Mozart's Doggie Service for walking our 2 boxers twice a week. They are happier since they started walking more.  The boxers can hardly wait to go on their walks.  They see Jesse coming and the can hardly wait to get on there walk around town.
​Comments from: Frasier and Michelle T.
Hi everyone, Mozart here. 

We at Mozart's Doggie Service want to thank everyone for their support and kindness.  Mozart's Doggie Service is enjoying all the new friends we are making.  It has been fun, meeting all the great dogs in our neighborhoods.

It is very beautiful here in Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Claremont, Alta Loma, Fontana, La Verne, N. Ontario.  A wonderful place to go walking.  

Hope to see you all soon.  Tell your friends we would really love to meet your dogs.  We will have lots of fun walking and or sitting your pets
Call today for an appointment:  1-909-271-7766 
We can be a "ON CALL" bases for current clients.
Thanks Jesse and Mozart's Doggie Service for being there when I needed help.  Archie is a great dog and needed your help to keep him happy and feed. He loves his walks.
The story: 
We have a client in Rancho Cucamonga that uses Mozart's Doggie Service only. When they go out of town or on vacation.  We received a call from him (a last minute call, in need of help). He was out of town on business and his wife had taken ill with high blood pressure and was in the hosptial.  No one was there for Archie.  Since we knew the routine for Archie, feeding and walking him.  We just needed to go in and take good care of him while his parents were away. 

Archie's parent fix him, a combination of cooked rice and dog food for his meals.  Well, NO ONE is home, so NO rice. We just took some time and made Archie his rice for his meals.  Took it to his house and each day we feed him his meals and took him on his walk.  

When his  owner our client returned home. He was so happy to see that Archie was in good hands and happy and well on his return. 

He called us and thank us for taking good care of Archie for him and his wife.  He is a very loyal client and we appreciate his business.  Most of all we love and appreciate ARCHIE THE BASETTE HOUND.  He is the sweetest and most loveable dog any one would be proud to own.  Love you Archie.  See you soon!!!
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